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We are a tech business! We use technology to make life simpler, smarter and sustainable.
AHOY SYSTEMS is focused on smart cities, LoRaWAN and e-surveillance systems to improve operational efficiency of companies, cities and countries in a short time and lowest costs.

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Our Products

Our Solutions

Smart City

Smart City Solutions

Brining to spotlight, the concept of digitalization in cities.

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LoRa / LoRaWAN

LoRa / LoRaWAN solutions

Setting up LoRaWAN networks in cities/villages to enable rapid implementation of IoT projects.

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Equipment Health

Equipment Health Monitoring

Predictive maintenance systems using smart sensors to reduce operational expenses on field deployed equipment and machinery.

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Energy Tracking

Energy consumption tracking systems for distributed outlets and end-points.

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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Smart vehicle tracking systems for secure transportation

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Remote Site

Remote Site Monitoring

This is a classic example of machine-over-man, making efficiency levels take a giant leap. With the help of intelligent automation systems

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