Equipment Health Monitoring

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Equipment Health Monitoring

Our systems are designed to assist your staff in keep stuff up and running!

Equipment health monitoring system includes data loggers near your equipment that are constantly reading data from the equipment and analyzing them at edge based on business rules you set. If anything is out of ordinary, the equipment monitoring system flags it and sends it to a software dashboard.

Equipment is monitored 24x7 by small data loggers that are wired to them. These data loggers are a key part of the overall equipment health monitoring system. The data logger have the ability to wirelessly upload data to the next endpoint within the equipment health monitoring system.

Equipment health monitoring loggers are available as devices that can directly upload data to a server or they can use an intermediate wireless concentrator such as a LoRa-Gateway

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Wireless data logging
  • Alarm capture
  • Modbus RTU connectivity
  • HTTP / HTTPS / MQTT integration
  • Free API for integration with your software
  • Multiple port types to capture all types of data
  • Multiple Telemetry options > LoRa / GPRS / Wi-Fi
  • Prevent equipment failure
  • Monitor equipment performance
  • Scale as needed
  • Reduction in asset failure
IoT equipment health monitoring devices