GSM bluetooth gateway

AHOY SYSTEMS is a manufacturer for GSM bluetooth gateways that can listen to nearby Bluetooth beacons and transmit bluetooth device data over GSM. This system is useful in asset tracking, attendance systems and adding GSM capability to Bluetooth devices. The gateway uses a GSM network as back-haul connectivity to upload data to cloud software applications. Each gateway can connect to 1000s of GSM bluetooth devices within the area of operation.

What is a GSM bluetooth gateway?

If you put a GSM sim-card in our GSM bluetooth gateway, this device start listening to every bluetooth activity within its range and start transmitting the IDs from those devices over the GSM network

GSM bluetooth gateway can work seamlessly with Bluetooth beacons, BLE cards, mobile phone apps etc.

GSM bluetooth gateway use cases

This device has been used by our clients for the following purposes

  • Counting people is a bus
  • Detecting movement of files in a room
  • Inventory control for assets in a warehouse
  • Collecting Bluetooth temperature sensor data from refrigeration units
  • Tracking staff movement in buildings and factories
  • Tracking visitor movement in buildings
  • Tracking assets in a campus
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