Smart Surveillance Systems

What is a Smart Surveillance System ?

CCTVs are the first step in surveillance, but they also have inherent problems. A smart surveillance system augments conventional surveillance equipment such as CCTVs and identifies activities that are worth monitoring and reporting.

How does a Smart Surveillance System help ?

A CCTV can continuously record what is happening and a person sitting in a remote location can continuously monitor that footage. But this requires a lot of man-power and a lot of bandwidth. Not just that, the person continuously monitoring footage can also miss important activity due to eye fatigue.

A smart surveillance system sits at the site that is being monitored along with the CCTV. The smart surveillance device uses sensors and computer vision to identify activity and then alert the monitoring center about that activity.

Problems with CCTV systems

  • CCTVs can be turned off.
  • They can be stolen or damaged along with footage data.
  • CCTVs sometimes stop recording due to internal errors or wrong configuration.
  • CCTVs can only record video, they can not prevent an intrusion.
  • Someone needs to constantly monitor a CCTV.
  • Remote monitoring requires connectivity and lots of bandwidth.

Advantages of a Smart Surveillance System

A Smart Surveillance System solves all the inherent problems of a CCTV. It uses computer vision and sensors to identify whats happening and what needs to be done about it. All of this happens in real-time and it saves money.

  • Detect, deter and report intrusions - when they are about to happen.
  • Monitor CCTVs when something worth watching is happening
  • Reduce internet bandwidth by 1/100th when compared to continuous monitoring
  • Keep a backup of important footage securely on the cloud
  • Connect and control all locations and assets remotely
  • Collect Data from Across Enterprise
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Costs a fraction of conventional monitoring solutions

Smart Surveillance Products and Solutions

WiFi alarm panel
Product brochure
  • 12 sensor ports
  • 2 temperature sensors