List of IoT devices - Smart buildings, Industrial Sensors, Intrusion alarm systems.

All our IoT Devices

Wi-fi router power backup system

Micro UPS and other power backup systems for IoT devices and WiFi routers

Intrusion detection system

Alarm panels, Intrusion alarm systems, Wireless sensors

Smart temperature sensors

Industrial / Retail / Food warehouse temperature sensors.

Smart public washrooms

Odour sensors, people counters and automated exhaust fan controllers for public washrooms.

Smart energy meter

Compact energy meters with modbus communication for Industrial and automation use cases.

Prepaid energy meter

Smart energy meters with Wifi / 2G / LoRa communication with prepaid mechanism for smart campus / hostels / malls / airports and retail use cases.

Smart modbus PLC products

Industry 4.0 automation devices to convert conventional modbus RTU, 4-20mA devices to smart wireless devices.

LoRa gateways

LoRa Gateways for private lora networks

LoRa streetlight controllers

LoRa streetlight controllers

LoRaWAN streetlight controllers

LoRaWAN streetlight controllers

Desk occupancy sensors

Smart sensors to maintain an efficient and comfortable workplace

Group Streetlight Controllers

Low cost group streetlight controllers with astronomical timers

Long range wireless switch and controllers

Wireless long range local operations without GSM or WIFI

Smart Footfall tracking devices

Footfall tracking systems for retail stores, washrooms

Air quality sensors

Air quality sensors, PM 2.5 and PM10 sensors, CO2 sensors, O2 sensors, Ammonia/NH3 sensors, Ozone sensors

Gas sensors

PM2.5 and PM10 sensors, CO2 sensors, O2 sensors, Ammonia/NH3 sensors, Ozone sensors