Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutions

Expectations of inhabitants globally have mandated the need for smart cities. For any city to grow economically and socially, the maintenance of city infrastructure needs to be lowered and performance of assets increased. Smart city solutions do exactly that.

Maintaining infrastructure in cities is very expensive and tedious task especially when so many agencies and departments are involved.

Tracking defunct assets, identifying faulty equipment, traffic management and preventing wastage through-out cities has for years been done manually using periodic audits. With emerging technologies in IoT/M2M systems, several smart city solutions are now available for instant deployment.

AHOY's Smart city solutions

Ahoy Systems has developed several turn-key solutions that can be implemented globally with minimal infrastructure requirements and easy retro fitting on existing equipment.

  • Asset tracking solutions - An ultra-low cost solution for tracking assets with limited movement such as cranes, containers, gen-sets, transformers, switch gears etc.
  • Personel tracking solutions - A effective solution for tracking people in a campus, factory, prison, school including floor level data.
  • Smart street light systems - A plug-n-play solution that saves 30% energy in existing street lights, extends life of lights and identifies faulty street lights instantly.
  • Smart poles - A smart data collection system on street light poles that can detect nearby accidents, faulty CCTV systems and choked sewers.
  • Smart parking - A plug-n-play system that allows easy search of parking, live occupany data and also information of vehicles parked in the tow-away zones.
  • Smart surveillance systems - A low-cost surveillance system that allows low bandwidth monitoring of sites and recovers faulty CCTVs automatically.