Energy Consumption

Appliance load monitoring

Energy Consumption Tracking

The WR600 is an end-to-end monitoring system and energy consumption tracking system that saves your money every month in all your ATMs. The load on the appliance is monitored regularly, and even the on/ off scheduling can be pre-defined to minimize energy consumption and hence, costs incurred due to the same. Any malfunctioning of the appliance is immediately reported. Electricity theft is also detected immediately and reported to call for instant action. This remote monitoring system not only ensures optimal use of energy but also identification of any faulty batteries which may be leading to over-consumption.

  • Energy consumption tracking
  • Appliance load monitoring
  • Remotely controlling appliances
  • Pre-defined on/off scheduling
  • Appliance malfunction reporting
  • Electricity theft detection and reporting
  • Grid electricity quality monitoring
  • Battery sizing planning
  • Identify faulty ATM batteries
  • Solar hybrid inverter monitoring and ROI calculation