UV sanitization box

AHOY SYSTEMS is a manufacturer for UV Sanitization products. We use UVC 253nm wavelength lamps that are chemical free, easy and safe to use in homes and offices. Our products come with a smart timer that can detect the type of products being sanitized and adjust the timing automatically.

What is a UV sanitization box ?

UV sanization system allows users to put items inside a box and sanitize them from many bacteria and viruses within a few seconds without the use of any chemicals.

UV sanitization system uses Ultra Violet C-Type light to disinfect items, quickly and safely.

What can be sanitized using the UV Sanitization box ?

UVC is just a light that can kill pathogens on contact, it is already used globally for sterlizing pathogens in water purifications systems, meat processing industries and other food processing industries.

  • Courier boxes
  • Laptops, mobile phones, keys
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Pizza box cover
  • Pizza without cover
  • Water glasses and bottles

UV Sanitization box
UV sanitization box - Eco & Silver
  • Robust/spacious design
  • Long lasting metal body
  • Auto-timer
  • Manual timer override
  • Auto-shutoff safety sensor
  • Models available with 2 and 3 lamps options
UV Sanitization box
UV sanitization box - Crown & Pro
  • Designed for high traffic use
  • Rapid sanitization
  • Stainless steel body
  • Auto-timer
  • Manual timer override
  • Auto-shutoff safety sensor
  • Models available with 3 and 5 lamps options

UV Product specifications

Photo UV Sanitization box UV Sanitization box UV Sanitization box UV Sanitization box
Compact size, low cost sterilizationIdeal for shops and officesMaximum sterilization speed Bigger size advantage
(width x height x depth)
20" x 18" x 16"20" x 18" x 16" 20" x 18" x 16" 24" x 20" x 20"
50L50L 50L 150L
Sanitization time
4 - 5 minutes3 - 5 minutes 45 secs - 2 minutes1 - 3 minutes
2 x 11Watts3 x 11Watts 5 x 11Watts 5 x 11Watts
Build material
Rust-free powder coated metalStainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Safety sensor
Automatically shutsoff lamps, if door is operated in between operation.
YesYes Yes Yes
Lamp failure detection
Detects and reports lamp failure.
YesYes Yes Yes

How does UVC disinfection work ?

UV-C is just a light, but not visible. UVC is a type of radiation that is emitted by the sun, but none of it reaches the earth surface because it gets completely absorbed by the ozone layer in the atmosphere. Due to this reason, no living organisms(including humans) have developed any resistance to UVC radiation.UVC is a dangerous radiation and exposure to UVC kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and similar pathogens. Excessive exposure to eyes can cause cataract and blindness, similarly exposure to skin can cause burning sensation and prolonged exposure can cause cancer.


Is it safe to use UV disinfection products ?

Ahoy's UVC products have several safety systems built-in to protect its user including auto-shutoff as well as magnetic locks to prevent accidental exposure to radiation.


FAQ on UV sanitization

Can UV sanitization be used for de-oderizing clothes ?

Yes! Sportswear, shoes etc can become smelly sometimes, even after washing with detergents. Just put the items in the box for 30 seconds(1 item at a time) and UV box should kill the smelly bacteria in a matter of seconds.

Will regular sanitization of laptops/mobile damage my equipment ?

No. UV light does NOT cause any damage to electronics/equipment.

Is UV light safe for humans ?

No. UV light, especially UV C type light is unsafe for when humans or any living beings are directly exposed to it. The UV box from Ahoy has safety sensors built in to cut-off UV lamps the moment the door it opened. The metallic enclosure of the box and the safety bends in the box around the door ensure that no UV light escapes the enclosure during operation.

Why is the UV sanitization time different every time I put items into the box ?

UV Sanitization box is a smart device and has sensors inside to calculate the UV exposure at various positions inside the box. This system captures the intensity of UV and based on the type and number of items that are placed inside. The system then automatically adjusts the timer to ensure sanitization of items from all angels even if they are under the shadow of another object.

What type of UVC is used in the UV Sanitization system ?

Our systems use 253-255 nano meter wavelenth UV lamps for Sanitization. Some other devices in the market clamining to be UV sanitization systems use 300+ nano meter UV lamps that are not germicidal and cannot sanitize pathogens. For an effective sterlization of pathogens, the UV wavelength should be between 220 to 280 nano meters.

Do I need to wear UV protection glasses when the box is being operated ?



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