About Us

Internet of Things – Connecting everything.

About Us

Developing smart IoT Services for the new age customer!

Electronic design house

Ahoy Systems is an electronic design house and OEM for several smart city system integrators and facility management companies. We use our proprietary electronic hardware and software platform to develop innovative solutions for our customers.

White-labeling services

You may notice that many of the products described in our website do not have photos and even those that have photos do no have our branding. This is because a majority of our business is in white-labeling the devices under our customer's brands. Many of our customers are Solution Integrators, facility management companies, city infrastructure maintenance companies and several other small companies who offer our products to their customers under their brand name.

Product quality control

Every device we manufacture, undergoes a stringent quality control process of automated as well as manual inspection. We strive to create products that can withstand harsh environments and perform 24x7 continuously without any downtime whatsoever.

FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)

Over time, on ground situations require device behaviour to update according to the new needs.

Most of our devices have a provision for Firmware Over The Air(FOTA) upgrades. This allows on-site customization for devices as the need arises.

Smart e-surveillance systems

Rapid growth of physical stores/outlets also increases the risk of poor process compliance and security. Our solutions ensure pro-active tracking of activity at geographically distributed outlets under a single integrated platform.

Our flagship IoT platform – WR600 is a hardware/software solution that uses computer vision and input from sensors installed at a site to identify activites and segregate them as normal or anomalies.

New Device Prototyping

If you have a concept or idea that you would like to run a proof-of-concept for, our team can help in building a functional prototype solution in 1-3 weeks.

Over the years, we have developed over 200 generic electronic boards than can be quickly customized to build professional looking devices for running POC and pilot projects.

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