Washroom odor sensors

AHOY SYSTEMS is a manufacturer for Washroom odor sensors, washroom footfall counter devices.

Washroom odor sensors

Washroom odor sensor is a multi-gas sensors that is meant for use in Public washrooms in premium office buildings and malls. We work with facility management companies, system integration companies and cleaning service agencies.

Washroom odor sensors can pick build-up of odorous gases in washrooms and generate work-orders for janitors/supervisors who are responsible for maintaining the washrooms. Our odor sensor is a low-cost sensor which can be used indoors to detect presence of ammonia in air. Timely detection of ammonia can prevent foul smell in public toilets. Several configurable parameters allow you to tweak sensor configurations suitable for customer cleanliness expectations. A data reporting dashboard and alarm software is available at a low subscription cost which can be white-labeled for your customers under your brand.

Washroom odor sensors - features

  • Available with microUSB 5v DC power input for use with normal phone chargers
  • Available in DIN RAIL wall mount / ceiling mount enclosures
  • LED indicators for odor level
  • Long operating life - 2 years
  • Sensor immunity to several types of cleaning chemicals
  • Available as white-labeled sensors under your brand

Washroom odor sensor use cases

  • Sensors for office building washrooms with toilets with medium footfall
  • Sensors for public washrooms in malls buildings with high footfall
  • Elderly care - bed wetting detection
  • Food processing industries
  • Food stores
  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Agricultural applications and greenhouse monitoring
  • HVAC control systems
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washroom odor sensor physical dimensions
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