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LiteCloud - Streetlight Management Software

LiteCloud is a cloud application that allows operators to access, control and manage streetlights from a anywhere. This kind of software application is also known as a CCMS short for (Centralized Control Management Software). Litecloud is currently being used in several cities to manage large scale streetlight deployments.

LiteCloud supports multiple projects, staff users and makes if very easy for streetlight operators to identify luminaire failures or other operation issues. The software application can also be hosted on your servers for larger deployments.

When you start a project, Litecloud allows easy addition of thousands of streetlights and uploading of GIS information for each luminaire. A map based dynamic interface allows staff users to see status of luminaire and if there are any lamps that are not functional or grid electricity problems that are causing lamp failures.

Depending on your project size and requirements LiteCloud can be hosted on your servers or used in a SaaS(Software as a Service) application.

Smart streetlight GIS mapping

LiteCloud is a complete package for streetlight operators that covers all aspects of automating a street lighting deployment, operating it and saving energy. LiteCloud is fully compatible with our LoRa Streetlight Controllers and LoRa Gateway and thus provides an end-to-end solution for smart We offer solutions and products for street lights, street light feeder systems, street light dimmers on GSM, LoRa and LoRaWAN telemetry.

Smart streetlight automatic scheduling
Smart streetlight GIS mapping
Smart streetlight GSM gateway health tracking

Streetlight Software Features

  • Manage multiple streetlight projects
  • User Access control for Ward / Substation level streetlight management
  • Manual Override during repair sessions
  • Equipment Inventory tracking
  • Commissioning of streetlight equipment using mobile app for field staff
  • Light Grouping
  • Live monitoring of individual lamp faults / regional faults
  • Export of data reports, luminaire performance, savings report

Why choose LiteCloud as your streetlight software?

  • Jump start your project with ready modules
  • Further software customization is possible as per your requirements
  • Low cost of ownership in SaaS model
  • Deployment ready in less than 2 weeks
  • Easy training modules for your staff
  • Easy mapping tool to group streetlights together
  • Streetlight feeder pillar management

Please reach out to us using the contact us page if you have any queries regarding our LoRa/LoRaWAN street light system.

Products compatible with LiteCloud streetlight software

A ready application stack allows LoRa street light manufacturers to integrate their products into smart city systems across the globe.
  • LUCI - LoRa Streetlight Controller
  • LUCI-HUB - LoRa gateway
  • MRB - Modbus Relay Board

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