LoRa and LoRaWAN services

AHOY SYSTEMS is a market leading consultant in LoRaWAN network setup and LoRa product design. Our expertise in RF based LPWAN systems such as LoRa includes development of several smart city devices such as smart solar street lighting that can be operated from Network Operation Center(NOC) in smart cities.

LoRa network deployment

Low Power WAN (LPWAN) such as the Long Range WAN(LoRAWAN) is a wireless network is mainly a machine to machine network with emphasis to achieve maximum range at ultra low power consumption and compromise on data transfer size. While other networks that carry voice or video data focus on high bandwidth, the LoRa network is more focused towards IoT devices that regular post/receive data but in very small packet size and limited periodicity.

LoRa private network

Private LoRa networks are suitable for campuses, factories, large farms and similar establishments where devices and gateway towers are typically owned by a known set of trusted entities.

Private LoRa networks ideally will have lesser number of towers as compared to a smart-city LoRa network and the back-links are also liked to be within a contained environment.

Ahoy systems specialized in designing, planning and setting up private LoRa networks for organizations as per their current geography, infrastructure and IoT requirements.

Generally the requirements from such a Private LoRa network are as follows:

  • Using LoRa trackers to track assets
  • Tracking personnel health/vitals within premise using wearables
  • Developing a Local Positioning System (LPS) within premise using BLE beacons or other short range RF systems.
  • Controlling or common area lights such as corridors, street lights
  • Tracking performance of solar installations
  • Controlling signboards and Variable Message Display systems(VMDs)
  • Automated Meter Reading(AMR) systems for water, electricity and gas meters.

Smart city LoRaWAN planning and deployment

Deployment of an IoT network for a city entails planning for geography, capacity, through-put, back-links, fail-overs etc.

Ahoy systems is an end-to-end consultant and deployment manager for smart-city IoT networks such as LoRaWAN. Our team specialized in rapid deployment of LoRaWAN networks where existing telecom infrastructure exists already.

LoRa product design

If you are an OEM or a company that wishes to design a product using LoRa technology, AHOY SYSTEMS can assist you in at every step. Our services in product design include:

  • Product ideation
  • Product specification designing
  • Product prototyping
  • Engineering design
  • Enclosures
  • Identifying production partners
  • Product testing and certification

Please use the contact us page on our website to get in touch with us.

LoRa Products

LoRa stands for “Long Range” is a Radio network that has been designed for IoT devices. AHOY SYSTEMS has developed several module and products that communicate over the LoRa network. Our range of products includes products that we have designed as well those that we distribute for our partners. Several of our products are being used in smart cities, factories and other establishments.


LoRa street lights

AHOY SYSTEMS is a distributor and system integrator for LoRa compatible street lighting systems and LoRa Solar Street Lighting system. A ready application stack allows LoRa Street Light manufacturers to integrate their products into smart city systems across the globe.


LoRa GPSLess tracker

LoRa GPSless tracker is a LoRa 868Mhz/915Mhz based asset tracking device that uses an accelerometer to detect motion, fall, tilt and several other attributes of the asset being tracked. The LoRa GPSLess tracker is ideal for asset that are expected to move but not constantly moving such as gensets, leased machinery, heavy equipment etc.


LoRa GPS tracker

LoRa GPS tracker is a combination module that includes a GPS chip-set for positioning and a LoRa module for the telemetry communication of the asset being tracked.


LoRa parking sensor

LoRa parking sensor is a water-proof floor mounted sensor that uses a magnetic sensor to detect occupancy of a parking slot and communicates the data to a LoRa concentrator or an aggregator. This module is maintenance free battery operated module that can last for several years and is a field tested solution for outdoor as well as indoor parking system.


LoRa appliance control system

LoRa appliance control device is a remote appliance control and monitoring system that allows low cost remote operation of appliances/machinery.


LoRa CCTV health monitoring system

The LoRa CCTV health monitoring system is a device that gets physically attached to an outdoor / remote installation of a CCTV and ensures continuous functioning of a CCTV. Outdoor/CCTV systems can sometimes stop recording and not produce video footage of an time span where an important incident may have happened. The LoRa CCTV health monitoring device continuously monitors recording of a CCTV and ensures that relevant service requests are generated if a CCTV system cannot be recovered automatically by the device.


LoRa Automated Meter Reading(AMR) systems

LoRa Metering Systems are very effective AMR(Automated Meter Reading) systems that allow several years of maintenance free meter reading. Our systems are currently available for volumetric LoRa Water meters (Class B), LoRa/LoRaWAN Electricity meters single phase and three phase (Class A).

LoRa/LoRaWAN sensors


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