LoRaWAN Streetlight Controller - LUCI

LoRaWAN Smart streetlight controller

Light Universal Control Instrument(LUCI) is a flagship product from AHOY and a LoRaWAN streetlight controller. Using LUCI you can convert an existing deployment of streetlights to Connected Smart Street lighting easily and cost effectively.

LUCI is a compact circuitry, designed to allow autonomous functioning of individual streetlights and report anomalies to a network. LUCI is available for LoRaWAN networks, and comes with several configuration options to minimize LoRaWAN up links without impacting performance. It is available in several variants and can control most types of luminaire available today.

When LUCI is installed on a streetlight pole, it can control up to 2 lamps with a single device. It is compatible with 0-5v, 0-10v analogue as well as PWM type dimmable LED drivers. In many countries, streetlight systems are operated using NEMA connectors, LUCI is now available in NEMA as well as non-NEMA connector configurations.

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