Access Control Systems

Access control system conventionally allow authorized people to enter an area and deny access to others. In today's connected world, organizations need much more than that.

People come and leave organizations, vendors can change. Defining access levels, recording activity are important to running operations.

At ahoy we understand that access control systems today need to me smarter, connected and totally secure.

We have an array of devices and solutions to cater to varying needs of our customers for access control systems.

  • Connected devices over Wi-Fi, GPRS, LoRaWAN or 4G LTE
  • Real-time reporting
  • Attendance / Access control built-into 1 device.
  • MODBUS RTU based industrial PLC access control devices.
  • Remote management and monitoring software
  • Easy installation
  • Emergency SOS systems
  • Intrusion Alarm System connected devices
  • Battery operated access control systems
Intrusion alarm systems and Access control systems

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