Guard Monitoring

Guard Monitoring

Security Guards are expensive resources. Yet, we need them to secure premises that cannot be managed without human presence.

Once a roster plan in implemented, guards are expected to be in their position and manage their locations. However in the long-term, due to various reasons guards may not be at their designated locations. In the event of an emergency this can lead to several complications.

Guards monitoring is a challenging and time consuming task for supervisors and guarding companies. Regular follow-ups is an expensive process and even then it sometimes becomes difficult to ensure that guards man their posts all the time.

How does the guard monitoring system work ?

Guard monitoring system is a set of electronic devices that can ensure compliance of guards manning their posts.

This is how the guard monitoring system works:

  • A guard post beacon device is installed at every guard post.
  • Every guard carries a rechargeable device with them while on duty.
  • A long range wireless hub is installed at a central location

Once installed, the wearable devices with the guard continuously track for presence of nearby beacons and post data to the central hub if a change in beacon or loss of beacon signal is detected.

The supervisor is alerted if guard wearable device ID does not match the beacon or if beacon's ID of post locations do not reach the hub. The supervisor can then coordinate with the guard to request their presence at their designated position.

Some models of the wearable devices in the guard monitoring system also have built in sensors to detect if a wearable device has been abandoned near the post.

Guard post beacon device
  • Battery operated device
  • 3-year Battery life
  • Weather-proof enclosure
Wearable guard tracker
  • Compact / robust design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built-in system to detect abandoned devices
  • Twin radio to identify posts and message to gateway
LoFi(LoRa-WiFi) gateway
  • Long-range data gateway
  • WiFi back-haul connectivity
  • HTTP API to integrate with your applications