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LoRaWAN modbus/RS485 sensor

Modbus has been a popular protocol Industrial equipment monitoring and meter reading system for decades. LoRaWAN is a promising LPWAN technology that has proven to be a viable wireless communication protocol that can simplify monitoring of equipment spread across sites.

Our LoRaWAN modbus bridge(LR485) device is a plug-n-play device to bring your existing equipment on a LoRaWAN network within minutes. If you equipment/meters have a modbus port and have access to a LoRaWAN network your remote equipment will become connected with LR485. With LoRaWAN modbus bridge, customers can now upgrade their data monitoring capabiltiies by simply plugging in the LoRaWAN modbus device (LR485) to an existing equipment or meter that has modbus communication port.

The LR485 is a LoRaWAN modbus bridge device. This device allows polling register values from systems that have a modbus port. The LR485 allows modbus RTU data reading/ writing. Adnvaced features in this device also allow auto posting and "level breach" posting features.

LR485 is a fully compliant MODBUS RTU and LoRaWAN 1.0 compatible device. The software API of the device allows advance configurations that reduce LoRaWAN network packets for public networks and improved duty cycles for private networks.

IP65 weather proof polycarbonate enclosures ensure long field life even in harsh weather conditions.

LoRa-rs485 features

  • Available in IP56(Indoor use) or IP65(outdoor use) enclosures
  • Available with rechargeable battery and microUSB 5v power input for use with normal phone chargers
  • Configurable LED indicators
  • Available as white-labeled modems under your brand
  • Certifications: EIRP certifications, CE, RF , IP65.

LoRaWAN modbus device uses

  • Wireless gas/water/energy metering
  • Genset monitoring solutions(Electric generators must have modbus output)
  • Industrial equipment alarm tracking

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