WiFi temperature and humidity(TH) sensors

AHOY SYSTEMS is a manufacturer for WiFi based Temperature and Humidity sensors.

WiFi temperature and humidity(TH) sensor

WiFi-temperature and humidity(TH) sensor is a low-cost temperature and humidity(TH) sensor which can be used indoors or outdoors to monitor these attributes. Several configurable parameters allow you to tweak data reporting and set alarm thresholds in this device.

Like most other wifi/wifiWAN sensors, this device also allows monitoring of battery % remaining for most variants of this device.

WiFi-temperature and humidity(TH) features

  • Available in DIN RAIL wall mount enclosures
  • Available with rechargeable battery and microUSB 5v DC power input for use with normal phone chargers
  • Configurable LED indicators
  • Available as white-labeled modems under your brand
  • Certifications: EIRP certifications, CE, RF

WiFi temperature and humidity(TH) sensor use cases

  • Food processing industry
  • Warehouse monitoring
  • Restaurants
  • Food stores
  • Electronic ICs storage units
  • Agricultural applications and greenhouse monitoring
  • HVAC control systems

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