Remote Site Monitoring e-surveillance system

Confident remote management with enterprise grade security

Remote Site Monitoring

If your organization has geographically distributed outlets such as warehouses, retail stores, restaurants, managing decorum and security of remote sites is expensive and tedious. If you sites are manned, then managing their safety and maintaining discipline is essential to drive efficiency into a system. If your sites are unmanned, then monitoring security and status of equipment or assets is very difficult with physical audit visits.

Conventional remote monitoring systems such as CCTVs are a very expensive and ineffective method for remote site monitoring.

Promlems with conventional CCTV systems
  • CCTVs can be turned off and no one would know about it.
  • CCTVs can stop recording data due to their own faults and wont have data when footage is needed
  • CCTVs store all data locally, if a CCTV is stolen, data is lost too
Problems with remote monitoring of CCTVs
  • Remote monitoring with CCTVs requires enormous bandwidth at each site
  • At monitoring center, the bandwidth requirement is multiplied by number of sites.
  • Monitoring personnel can monitor only a few sitesStaff is needed to monitor 1000's of sites
  • Eye fatigue of monitoring staff can miss important incidents

WR-700s advance AI based learning algorithms, identify what is happening at a site and then judge based on sensor inputs if an activity is important to be reported. Intelligence in the system allows not repeating mistakes, anticipating a problem while still adhering to a SOP(Standard Operating Procedures).

WR-700 observes everything about a site and learns about equipment at the site , people tracking, doors opening/closing, temperature, water logging, electricity supply, glow sign boards, entry lights, fans, Air Conditioners. WR700 can optimize energy consumption, improve longevity and reduce chances of accidents that can be caused due to unattended functioning of equipment.

Ahoy's WR-700 mini(Web Remote - 7 Series) is a all-in-one wall mount unit that allows smart monitoring of remote sites without spending millions on expensive CCTV systems or on internet bandwidth.

WR700 has the following components built-in components to offer a full circle e-surveillance solution.

  • Built-in camera
  • Wifi, Bluetooth and a short range radio
  • Speaker and mic for 2-way phone communication
  • Wireless and wired sensor integration ports
  • Sensor integration system
  • Built-in power backup
  • Powerful processor to capture sensor activity and perform video analytics
  • Built-in SD card for storage of footage and activity event logs
  • GSM 2G/4G connectivity (optional)

  • Business hours surveillance mode
  • Non-business hours surveillance mode
  • SOS button for staff
  • Human sensor for intrusion detection
  • Hooter alarm
  • Clear audio 2-way-voice communication
  • Auto capture photos for activity
  • Integrated Central Control Management System(CCMS) or APIs to integrate with your software system

E-surveillance features

  • Single unit installation ideal for small sites like small warehouses, retail shops, restaurants, kitchens
  • Built-in connectivity makes it a plug-n-play solution
  • Ready remote monitoring software with cloud storage for automated data backups
  • Email / SMS / App alerts for activity
  • Multi-user access control and ticket management system
  • Complete remote management and monitoring of equipment installed at site
  • Low cost solution compared to any other remote monitoring system