Elderly care & Child

Two-Way voice communication system

Elderly care & Child monitoring

Time-crunched but care and concern in the heart? Here comes Ahoysys Services that adequately help take special care of your loved family members, especially the old. At the tip of your hand, render safety, security and medical assistance to senior citizens who need 24x7 care and observation. With a simple training to them, eliminate their insecurities when they are without their kin. In the advent of any threat to their security or during the need of a medical exigency, your parents or relatives can raise an alert with the help of a panic or medical button. Depending on the chosen level of monitoring, immediate action like informing a person, contacting the police or arranging medical help by nearby doctors or ambulance services can be customised to the benefit of the customer.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Sensor alarms
  • Wireless Motion Sensor
  • Two-Way voice communication system
  • Audio, video and night vision
  • Microphone sensitivity
  • Nightlights
  • Temperature Monitor
  • Two-Way Talkback Capability
  • Smartphone and Skype Compatibility
  • Camera and handheld monitor