Remote Display Management

Remote display management systems enables an organization to control display devices installed at geographically distributed locations.

The system supports slide shows, movies, textual displays that can be pre-programmed and scheduled to run in loop or at pre-determined times.

  • 24 hour control
  • Scheduled content - Allows earl upload of content that is synced with display systems
  • Efficient asset management
  • Save time and costs
  • Secure server hosting
  • Analyse with reports, history and statistics
  • Schedule tasks

Use cases for remote display management

  • Banks - To control currency exchange rates in various branches
  • Restaurant chains - Control display menus over POS counters
  • Retail brands - Run regional promotional offers from head office.
  • Employee training systems - Run videos are pre-determined time slots

AHOY's Remote display management kit

  • WR400 with media play app for each display unit
  • Access to Remote Display Management Portal

Each to implement remote display management system

At each site
  • Plug-in the WR400 HDMI output into your TV display or monitor.
  • Configure Wi-fi access in WR400 OR connect WR400 Ethernet port with LAN at your site.

At the cloud portal
  • Enter ID/Key of each WR400 that is shipped to you.
  • Group the displays for each future content synchronization.
  • Upload your content in the media library.
  • Create a display schedule for looping content or run at specific slots
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