Remote Digital
Signage Systems

Content can be managed remotely from any web browser or computer system. Keeping the future in mind, we have built a powerful, secure, easy to use and fully scalable platform.

  • Create, publish and display digital boards
  • Manage media seamlessly
  • Divide screen into multiple content zones
  • Display and download reports pertaining to media, users and devices
  • Manage and control users as per individual/ organizational requirement
  • Analyse data to unlock statistics for informed decisions and action
  • Build, deliver and manage applications

Display types for remote digital signage

Remote digital signage systems come in a variety of formats from small counter displays to full HD digital signage.

can be something as basic as an LED dot-array based text display systems, such as counters or text display signage systems that can be used to display short text messages used in parking management, or smart traffic display signage such as speed limit systems or even

Communication control system for remote digital signage

Communication Control system for a remote digital signage solution identifies how does content travel to the remote digital sign board. The control system is available based on local telecommunication network support available where the signage has to be installed.

  • Wifi based Remote digital signage
  • Ethernet based Remote digital signage
  • LoRa/LoRaWAN based remote digital signage
  • RS232/ RS485 based wired remote digital signage

Enclosures / Housing for remote digital signage

Housing for the digital signage systems is an important consideration while designing a solution. Depending on the type of signage, communication control system, installation environment(indoor, shaded) and the local weather conditions several housing options and accessoies may be required to . The wrong type of housing can damage the signage or can reduce the connectivity

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