WR600 Smart

WR600 is a combination of an electronic hardware installed at a remote site and a monitoring software that is used from a Network Operation Center(NOC).

Once WR600 is installed at a site, the combination of

Our monitoring center relies on our indigenous designed WR600 platform that uses electronic sensors and other equipment to monitor ATMs for activities, wastage of electricity, faulty appliances, fixtures that require repair. The WR600 platform also detects instances of theft of electricity from ATMs and alerts the authorities when an anomaly is detected.

Photo/video evidence reports of all key activities in the ATM.

This comprehensive e-surveillance and energy management solution reduces costs of operating ATMs without losing control of the sites. Years of development and field testing the equipment in US and India, WR600 is a 6th generation electronic platform that offers an end-to-end management and reporting solution to ATM operators.

  • Live surveillance
  • Sensor triggered priority surveillance
  • Live monitoring from Mobile / Web without need to install apps.
  • Failure detection for malfunctioning DVRs
  • 12 hours surveillance device backup in case of power failure
  • Time shift/lapse surveillance for low bandwidth locations
  • Mobile and web view
  • 2G / 3G / 4G / GPRS networks supported
  • Secure encrypted communication

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