People Counting System

What is people counting system ?

Small device at entrance + Software

It counts the people walking through doors and a software shows you with a location and time wise data dashboard

Hows does it work ?

An electronic device counts the people walking into an entrance and uses a wireless router to upload the data to cloud.

Is it easy to install a counting system ?

Takes less than 10 minutes to set it up!

Types of solutions for people counting

The need to count footfall is very important for different types of clients.

People counting system for retail stores

Why does a store need a footfall counting system ?

If you are a store owner, ask yourself these questions.

What is our footfall to sales ratio ?
What weekday or hour of the day has maximum footfall?
Which marketing campaigns are generating more footfall ?
How much staff should we provision in our stores?

Knowing answers to these questions starts with "How many people walked into my store and when ?"
A people counting system that can tell you which day of the week how many people walked into your store can provide you the data for answering the above questions.

Which people counting system is right for me?

Retail stores that have 1 or 2 entrances can use a Wi-Fi based people counting machine. This is a simple to install device that can be setup in minutes. The store WIFI system is used to uplink data to a cloud application and receive daily reports.

People counting system for malls / buildings

A shopping mall can have anywhere between 30 to 1000 stores. Although possible, it may not be practical for large buildings to setup WIFI networks that cover the entire building. Ahoy's LoRa based long range wireless - people counting systems allows multiple people counters to use a single LoRa hub and accumulate data from across the building. A footfall counting system for a shopping mall with over 500 stores can be practically setup within a span of a few hours.

Building footfall
Floor-wise footfall
Corridor footfall
Store-wise footfall

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