WiFi desk occupancy sensors

Desk occupancy sensors

Desk occupancy sensor is a small device that can be installed under a desk to detect weather the desk is occupied or not. Some models of this sensor also have a built-in temperature/humidity sensor to report these two values for the area its installed in. WiFi desk occupancy sensors, are connected IoT devices that use PIR(Passive Infrared) based detection sensor to identify if a desk is occupied or not.

Desk occupancy monitoring sensor
Desk occupancy sensor dimensions
Desk occupancy sensor diagram

Where is desk occupancy sensor used ?

  • Monitor desk occupancy in a building
  • Monitor washroom use count
  • Energy saving air conditioning control systems
  • Restricted area alarm control systems

How does the occupancy sensor upload data to servers ?

Every desk occupancy sensor has a built-in communication modem. Depending on the model you choose, our desk occupancy sensors will either have a LoRaWAN or LoRa or a Wi-fi modem.

LoRaWAN desk occupancy sensors require access to a LoRaWAN network to upload status updates. A complete API document is available with the device that allows you to configure the device according to the use case.

LoRa desk occupancy sensor requires a LoRa-gateway (this is different from a LoRaWAN gateway. LoRa gateway is a private 400 meter range low-cost gateway that uses a 4G LTE or a Wifi network as the backend. For small building desk occupancy management, we strongly recommend considering the LoRa desk occupancy sensor along with our LoRa-Wifi Gateway because this has near zero communication fee and can be hosted in low host hosting options.

Wi-Fi desk occupancy sensors require an ambient Wi-Fi network to be able to upload the desk occupancy status over an HTTP or HTTPS protocol or using a webhook

Desk occupancy sensor models

  • 3-year Battery life
  • Compact size, easy to install
  • 1-2 kilometer range
  • USB power supply / Rechargeable battery
LoRa desk occupancy sensor
  • Requires a LoRa-Gateway to function
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built-in system to detect abandoned devices
  • 300 meter range
  • USB power supply
  • Connects to local WiFi Network
  • Free API allows HTTP / HTTPS communication
  • White-label device can be branded under your brand.
  • Compact size, easy to install
  • USB power supply

F.A.Q on desk occupancy sensors

How does a desk occupancy sensor work ?

Humans emit infrared heat radiation. Desk occupancy sensors have a built-in PIR(Passive Infrared sensor) that constantly looks for heat radiation. If the sensor detects such a radiation, the sensors reports the desk as"occupied" otherwise "unoccupied". The sensors can do the reporting wirelessly over an wireless network depending on the model of the device.

Does this sensor use any cameras?

No, Our desk occupancy sensors DO NOT use any cameras. No images / videos are captured in this device. This device only uses thermal sensing.

Can this device be used with pets ?

Yes! desk occupancy sensor is a pet immune sensor and can be used with pet immunity mode to ignore pet movements.


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