WiFi ammonia(NH3) sensors

AHOY SYSTEMS is a manufacturer for WiFi based Ammonia sensors for smart toilets / bet wetting detection.

WiFi ammonia(NH3) sensor

WiFi-ammonia(NH3) sensor is a low-cost sensor which can be used indoors to detect presence of ammonia in air. Timely detection of ammonia can prevent foul smell in toilets and prevent disease / bed sours for elderly. Several configurable parameters allow you to tweak data reporting and set alarm thresholds in this device.

WiFi-ammonia(NH3) features

  • Available in DIN RAIL wall mount enclosures
  • Available with microUSB 5v DC power input for use with normal phone chargers
  • Configurable LED indicators
  • Available as white-labeled modems under your brand
  • Certifications: EIRP certifications, CE

WiFi ammonia(NH3) sensor use cases

  • Public toilets
  • Elderly care - bed wetting detection
  • Foor processing industries
  • Food stores
  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Agricultural applications and greenhouse monitoring
  • HVAC control systems

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