Smart site monitoring alarm panel with WiFi

IN12 - E-Surveillance alarm panel


Smart site monitoring alarm panel with WiFi

IN12 Alarm Panel is a low cost smart alarm panel with WiFi integration for remote sites such as Bank branches, ATM sites, vaults and retail outlets.This alarm panel allows 12 zones and multiple smoke sensors to be wired to the panel. All alarm states are reported by LED indicators and can also be posted to a WEB endpoint using our FREE API.

This alarm panel is well suited for system integrator companies, building management solution providers, security / guarding companies to offer a comprehensive solution to their clients using our easy to deploy tech.

2 x NONC
10 x GPIO (High/Low)
2 x Relays(5A)
1 x Modbus(RS485)
2 x Temperature sensor port

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IN12 - E-Surveillance alarm panel

Smart site monitoring alarm panel with WiFi

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