WiFi desk occupancy sensors

Desk occupancy sensors

Desk occupancy sensor is a small device that can be installed under a desk to detect weather the desk is occupied or not. This sensor also has a built-in temperature sensor to report temperature in that area. WiFi desk occupancy sensors, are connected IoT devices that use PIR(Passive Infrared) based detection sensor to identify if a desk is occupied or not.

How does a desk occupancy sensor work ?

Humans emit infrared heat radiation. Desk occupancy sensors have a built-in PIR(Passive Infrared sensor) that constantly looks for heat radiation. If the sensor detects such a radiation, the sensors reports the desk as"occupied" otherwise "unoccupied". The sensors can do the reporting wirelessly over an ambient Wi-Fi network. top

Smart desk occupancy sensor
Desk occupancy monitoring sensor
Desk occupancy sensor dimensions
Desk occupancy sensor diagram

WiFi PIR / Human detection sensor use cases

  • Monitor desk occupancy in a building
  • Monitor Washroom use count
  • Energy saving air conditioning control systems
  • Restricted Area alarm control systems

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